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HRx Complete is the most cost-effective & comprehensive Total HR Service Platform in the industry.  It is designed to help Small to Medium-Sized businesses and Not for Profits maximize employee recruitment, optimize development of full human potential at every position, maximize employee retention with cost savings administration – combined with Better Benefits for Less™ total programs.  Stop the waste of pre-packaged benefits, poor claims service, excessive administrative burdens on HR staffs, and the considerable waste from utilizing expensive PEOs which offer a one size fits all approach.   Furthermore, these PEO’s fail to secure and pass along your lawful tax credits.   These lost tax credits alone are likely costing you tens of thousands of dollars annually at present, or even considerably more.

Any of the services outlined in this brochure can be provided ala carte as needed, or supplemented with any of our Total HR Solutions, specifically custom-tailored to your needs.

Profitably grow your organization, without having to grow your HR Department.





One Board one-stop onboarding process integrates optimized employee setup and management for payroll processing, total benefits management, worry-free personnel administrative forms, background checks, superior I-9 Integration and the nation’s leading Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) processing solution.  One Board offers the greatest total functionality in the marketplace, combined with vastly superior ease of use for employers and employees alike.

One Board truly is Your Maximum Return on Total On Boarding™.





One Pay SMART Payroll Processing- Includes integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) application with your general ledger system to provide superior service and more cost-effective pricing through our nationally-leading partner affiliations with top providers in the marketplace. Includes real time and after the fact payrolls, payroll tax deposits and tax filings, direct deposit, and employer reporting functions on a systematic basis.  Also includes year-end W-2 processing.

One Pay can deliver valuable savings to your bottom-line, and is truly Payroll Made Easy.




Better Benefits for Less – The SafeBridge Group delivers a professional full-service evaluation of total benefit planning and offerings to help you recruit and retain the very best employees possible.   Our industry-leading team accomplishes this by architecting, negotiating, developing and delivering more benefit-rich offerings across the board, all at significantly reduced price points.    Obviously, this equates to dramatic savings to your bottom-line as well as to the pockets of your valued employees on voluntary benefits.

Through leveraging our extremely large blocks of business with so many of America’s top A and A+ Rated Providers, SafeBridge consistently negotiates on your behalf to secure the absolute most benefit-rich offerings possible, each at the lowest possible price point.   SafeBridge also consistently lowers employers’ FICA, FUTA and all other related payroll taxes via payroll deductions – delivering to you further bottom-line savings.

Not only will we deliver Better Benefits for Less, but we are committed to providing unrivaled personalized service to you and your employees, as well as each covered family member 24 / 7 / 365. Your employees and covered dependents will receive the benefit offerings they need, only what they need, and never have to pay a penny more than necessary to obtain them.

We are also available to professionally consult with you in evaluating the optimal fit for your Total Executive Employee Benefits Plans, Buy-Sell arrangements, Executive Disability Income Protection policies, optimized Executive Long-Term Care plans and Key Man protection & compensation packages which are the most cost-effective in the national marketplace.





WOTC One – Is a simple solution to a time-sensitive & complex tax credit program known as the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC).  Currently Employers claim over $1 billion in lawful tax credits each year under the WOTC Program.   WOTC One helps business clients like you secure their handsome share in an exceptionally simple manner, with total elimination of year-round governmental reporting to each respective State’s Department of Labor during every payroll run of the year.

WOTC One is the only WOTC processing solution which guarantees an absolute minimum of 10% savings versus a company’s current WOTC processor.  Our proprietary technology works in unison with all 50 State Workforce Agencies to authenticate and certify your total WOTC tax credits.   And, unlike other processors – you keep 100% of your WOTC tax credits!





Admin One – Custom-Tailored HR Administrative Solutions – through one+source.  Includes a selection of superior and more cost-effective services & value to meet each client’s specific and unique needs.    Admin One truly is your Total HR on Autopilot.


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