Better Benefits for Less™ Testimonials

NAPA Auto Parts and our valued employees are thrilled with the SafeBridge Better Benefits for Less total program. Our business is realizing bottom line savings, and our employee retention has certainly increased as a result!
Reggie Sims, President — NAPA

As well, SafeBridge is consistently delivering Better Benefits for Less ‘total packages’ to our clients, with savings accruing directly to their bottom-lines. And, SafeBridge’s industry-leading portfolio of Cost Savings Solutions is proving to further reduce taxes, as well as the cost of operating for our valued clients who are enjoying enhanced profitability as a result – and on a risk-free basis.
William Cox, Senior Partner — Aldridge Borden & Company

Our firm strongly recommended SafeBridge’s industry-leading Better Benefits for Less program to our long-time client, Gibson Oil Company (G.O.C., Ltd.). G.O.C., Ltd. and its valued employees are already significantly benefiting from this SafeBridge platform! Now, G.O.C., Ltd. is pursuing SafeBridge’s proven and risk-free Cost Savings Solutions in order to further drive their bottom-line.
Jason Westbrook, Partner — Aldridge Borden & Company

…architected an ideal Total Employer Benefits package… at the absolute lowest price points, which have delivered major savings to our bottom-line.
Jeffery W. Bryant, Vice President — Bryant & Company, Inc.

We have been very happy with the outstanding service, support and personalized attention which the SafeBridge Benefits Specialists have provided our employees and their covered dependents. As well, our employees have realized substantial savings through having this new access to superior benefits at significantly lower costs. The consultative and educational approach of the SafeBridge Benefits Consultants has ‘been a real breath of fresh air.
Ronda South – Administrative Manager — Advanced Rotors

…will provide you with savvy professional guidance and advice needed to improve your current offerings with the goal of improving employee benefits and your company’s bottom line.
Randal H. Ward, CAE, President — Automotive Aftermarket Association Southeast

I’ve known Charles Allen for decades, and through those years, we’ve developed a meaningful personal friendship as well as an excellent working relationship. Years ago, Charles and his outstanding team, (now SafeBridge Benefits Alliance), were selected to handle our total employer benefits package. They immediately began to greatly help us by architecting an ideal Total Employer Benefits package… at the absolute lowest price points, which have delivered overall savings to our company’s bottom-line.
Jeffery W. Bryant, Vice President — Bryant & Company, Inc.

Charles Allen and his excellent team have been successfully handling our employer / employee benefits package for years, and have demonstrated superior performance versus that of any other provider group with whom we’ve ever previously partnered. They’ve also helped deliver valuable savings to our company’s bottom-line. Last but not least, they’ve exhibited the highest degree of upstanding character to our ownership, executive management, and entire workforce at all times!
Al Cason, President & COO — Bud’s Best Cookies

superior benefits at lower price points than the others. Last but not least, they’ve exhibited the highest degree of upstanding character to our ownership, executive management, and entire work force at all times!
Al Cason, President & COO — Bud’s Best Cookies

I’ve known Charles Allen for 7 years and counting and consider him to be a genuine and true friend. Charles and his excellent team of employer benefit professionals have proven to deliver a superior, more benefits-rich array of offerings in each benefits category – at lower price points for my company.
R. David Collins, President — DC Oil Company, Inc.

To be sure, DC Oil has enjoyed realizing the bottom-line savings from their better benefits for less methodology, as well as the significantly reduced FICA / Payroll taxes via payroll deductions – through all of the exceptional value delivered in their best-in-breed ‘voluntary’ (100% employee paid) employee benefits. DC Oil and all of our employees have significantly benefited from our relationship with Charles and his team. Furthermore, my family and I have considerably profited from Charles’ professional guidance and consultation regarding our personal financial affairs.
R. David Collins, President — DC Oil Company, Inc.

Charles Allen and his first-class Better Benefits for Less team delivered the very best-in-breed employee benefits package to our owners, executives and employees that we’ve ever experienced in our over 30+ year history.
Ronald W. Minor, Chairman & CEO — M&N Alloy, Inc.

Charles Allen and his fine team were highly referred to us over 5 years ago. Since then, they have proven to add very significant value for our executives and employees, as well as to our company’s ‘bottom-line’ savings.
David Bowers, VP — McCullough Oil Company, Inc.

Charles carefully evaluated our existing employee benefits and subsequently generated an extremely sage ‘recommendation report’ which outlined an ideally suited suite of superior benefits offerings – all at more affordable price points to our company and employees. From the outset, Charles demonstrated a genuine concern for our well-being, as well as that of our executives and all employees. Charles and his exceptional team have maintained our absolute trust and confidence at all times.
David Bowers, VP — McCullough Oil Company, Inc.

We’ve been working with Charles Allen and his exceptional team (now Safebridge Benefits) for almost six years with regards to our employee group benefits. From the outset, they helped us considerably lower our overall health care costs – while helping us realize superior overall health care benefits for all of our valued employees at the same time.
Diane Hester, Interim President — RiverFall Credit Union

The SafeBridge Group architected, negotiated and delivered the very best Better Benefits for Less total package our company has ever experienced. Sibley Oil Company realized profitable savings on our bottom-line, and our employees realized valuable savings in their pockets for superior benefits.
Jim Sibley, CEO — Sibley Oil Company, LLC

All of our employees are exceedingly happy to have SafeBridge Benefits handling all details surrounding theirs and their family members’ much-needed & best-in-breed benefits at the lowest possible price points!  No other agent or broker group has ever demonstrated the level of expertise, knowledge, attention to detail and outstanding customer service that they’ve consistently delivered for our organization and employees.
Diane Hester, Interim President — RiverFall Credit Union

It has been a real delight having Charles Allen and his team of Senior Financial & Employee Benefits Specialists serving West Oil for years. Now SafeBridge Benefits, Charles and his team are in a better position than ever to deliver superior employer benefits packages to client companies, while delivering valuable savings to their ‘bottom-lines’ by securing significantly lower price points.  This group is hyper-competent, and represents a first-class team in every sense of the word! Without hesitation, West Oil strongly recommends SafeBridge Benefits.
Mitzi West, General Manager — West Oil Company, Inc.

Upon selecting them to help us with our Employer & Employee Benefits, such to deliver a truly Optimized Total Benefits Package and Retirement Plan our company and employees have most certainly benefited and profited from their innovative solutions.
Bob Cornick, President — Malin Industries, LLC

I’ve been quite surprised at the amount of impressive participation their team was able to generate through their highly efficient and consultative enrollment methodology. As a result, we and our employees have most surely benefited and profited from acquiring more benefit-rich offerings for less.  We know that we can most certainly count on them to continue consistently delivering on our primary objectives…
Bob Cornick, President — Malin Industries, LLC

SafeBridge has an exceptional enrollment process which proved to be most effective and delivered maximum participation from employees who selected the benefits they and their loved ones needed – at dramatically lower price points. Their client service has been consistently excellent on both the employer and employee levels. The availability of a consultant has proven to be an asset to our company as well as our employees. Our employees have been able to contact them directly with questions or for help processing a claim without any problems. Bowden Oil strongly recommends SafeBridge Benefits Alliance to any employer group seeking to maximize value, employee retention and bottom-line savings.
Debbie Rogers, Vice-President — Bowden Oil Company

For years now, I have been looking for a way to provide my dental staff and myself with a quality group healthcare plan. Charles Allen and his team at SafeBridge Benefits sat down with me and explained what was available and how to find a configuration that worked best for us. His team was thorough and patient as each member of the staff had their own interview and ultimately arrived at what was best to fit their individual needs. I greatly appreciate their help and would recommend them highly to anyone who is seeking benefits for their business.
Drayton Smith, DMD —Southern Dental

…you and your team made a great effort in educating our employees and making this campaign to have the ‘best in class’ benefits a tremendous success for our company, as well as our employees. We have had so many express their gratitude for your offerings!
Joe Dismuke —General Manager – Gadsden Fabrication, Inc.

…with so many of the industry’s top A-Rated providers, and their large ‘blocks of business’ with each – allowing SafeBridge to negotiate, develop, design and deliver an employee benefits package which was custom-tailored for us.
Fran McGraw, Director of Human Resources —Community Neighbor Bank

This strategy allows SafeBridge to work for us and provide our employees with the best benefits for the best price. As a result, our company now enjoys premium benefits from various top benefit providers. Lastly, no other benefits provider has ever offered us all of the additional value-added benefits which SafeBridge made available to our employees free of charge.
Alesia McGraw, President —McGraw-Webb Chevrolet

This new optimized ‘Total Employer & Employee Benefits Package’ represents the best overall value that we at Southern Skies Dermatology and Surgery have seen. Our work force is very happy with all of the Benefits Specialists from SafeBridge, and appreciated the professional, interactive and consultative communications they experienced during our open enrollment.
Mike Ingram, Administrator —Southern Skies Dermatology & Surgery