Automotive & Trucking Industry Testimonials

H&H significantly profited from The SafeBridge Group’s Risk-Free Engineering-Based Cost Segregation solution and will continue to do so for years to come.
Don Hall, General Manager — H&H Companies

We realized very impressive cash flow from massive tax savings from our commercial office buildings, which can only be accomplished today through an Engineering-Based Cost Segregation solution (and on a risk-free basis).  SafeBridge greatly exceeded our every expectation!
David Gray, CEO — Gray’s Tire & Service

For starters, the SafeBridge team has already generated very lucrative tax savings / cash flow back to our ownership from the purchase of our commercial office properties. And, we certainly expect much larger savings / cash flow in the tax year to come. This can only be maximized and accurately delivered through engineering-based cost segregation’s application. SafeBridge partners with America’s leading company in this area of expertise.
Steven T. Kean, CPA, Controller —The RPT Companies

Like H&H has discovered, all AAAS member companies should fully explore the proven, risk-free cost-savings solutions which are uniquely delivered by The SafeBridge Group – in Strategic Alliance with AAAS.
Don Hall, General Manager — H&H Companies

The ATDA alliance with The SafeBridge Group offers proven & risk-free solutions which further increase member company’s bottom-lines.
Randal H. Ward, CAE, President — Alabama Tire Dealers Association

The SafeBridge Group is a first-class outfit in every sense of the word and brings unique ‘savings’ solutions to employers like Rick’s Pro Truck Companies – which further boost our bottom-lines. And best of all, SafeBridge delivers this result on a 100% risk-free basis.
Steven T. Kean, CPA, former Controller — The RPT Companies

Charles Allen comes to us with many strong recommendations as he has almost three decades of successful experience in delivering exceptional value to association member companies with more than 321 of North America’s largest national and international associations. Charles and his top-notch team of Senior Financial & Employer Benefits Professionals have a proven record of delivering great solutions, client service and value. They have helped numerous companies and employer groups throughout the southeast and the state of Alabama improve employee benefits and increase their bottom lines.
Randal H. Ward, CAE, President — Automotive Aftermarket Association Southeast

NAPA Auto Parts and our valued employees are thrilled with the SafeBridge Better Benefits for Less total program. Our business is realizing bottom line savings, and our employee retention has certainly increased as a result!
Reggie Sims, President — NAPA

We have been very happy with the outstanding service, support and personalized attention which the SafeBridge Benefits Specialists have provided our employees and their covered dependents. As well, our employees have realized substantial savings through having this new access to superior benefits at significantly lower costs. The consultative and educational approach of the SafeBridge Benefits Consultants has ‘been a real breath of fresh air.
Ronda South – Administrative Manager — Advanced Rotors

…will provide you with savvy professional guidance and advice needed to improve your current offerings with the goal of improving employee benefits and your company’s bottom line.
Randal H. Ward, CAE, President — Automotive Aftermarket Association Southeast

This strategy allows SafeBridge to work for us and provide our employees with the best benefits for the best price. As a result, our company now enjoys premium benefits from various top benefit providers. Lastly, no other benefits provider has ever offered us all of the additional value-added benefits which SafeBridge made available to our employees free of charge.
Alesia McGraw, President —McGraw-Webb Chevrolet

My wife and I are extremely happy with the optimal Long Term Care (LTC) solution delivered to us by The SafeBridge Group – in Partnership with AAAS & ATDA. It offers us all the advantages of the newer & superior LTC solutions – without the disadvantages of older, traditional LTC policies. Overall, a vastly superior value!
Henry Pilkinton, Owner — Central Mississippi Auto Parts, LLC

SafeBridge successfully cut our monthly waste haul expense for all of our companies between 50% to 72%! Our companies were never out of pocket a single dollar.
Steven T. Kean, CPA, former Controller — The RPT Companies